To become the best and highest in revenue localization services provider in Middle East and Africa.


To bring a lot of clarity, sincerity and consistency along with high quality to the localization field in Middle East and Africa To provide our clients with well-differentiated localization services, differentiation that comes from clear and consistent communication, competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise quality.


The name summarizes it all, we’re keen to be always different in every aspect of our service:

Our communication

Always sincere
We commit ourselves to advise our clients with what’s right for their benefit. Our team’s client-centric mindset will be present in all our communications, from accepting only the job that we can do, communicating any issues in a timely manner while execution, till the commitment to deliver within promised timeframes.

Available & Responsive
Technology and virtualization should help our teams in showing high presence and responsiveness to our client’s requests. We will avail ourselves (Project management and sales teams) 12 hours a day and will work on increasing this number of hours to be 16 in the near future.

Clear & Consistent
We don’t overpromise our clients with things that we can’t do, whether pricing, quality, selection of language pair or service,… whatever you will hear from our teams will be always the same in terms of commitment. We do that to build a strong operating model that syncs our different functions to provide you with the clearest, most consistent and unified communication.

All the previous values doesn’t mean that we won’t do our best to fulfill whatever requirements our clients have. The can-do attitude will be always on top of other values. We trained our teams to do their best, seek in-house and freelanced support to get you whatever you want happen, without impacting our credibility.

Our quality

Multiple checks
We do multiple checks to ensure you will be happy with the quality of our deliverables

Quality vs Price
We don’t compromise quality for price. We customize our quality processes to fit for the client’s expectations in terms of price, timeframe and grade of deliverable. Yet we will always communicate the details of any customizations to our quality standards upon agreeing price.

We’re not a one-stop shop
we commit ourselves to do what we only can do with high quality

Our client relation

Looking for what’s best for you

Value-based relation
We are keen to build the win-win relations with our clients, and we commit ourselves not to get into projects where we don’t see a clear opportunity to add value.

Long-term relation focus
We tailored our processes to give more privileges to clients with long-term relations/contracts. Example of their privileges are: Our pricing matrix is designed to give more competitive prices to long term relation clients. We dedicate resources and accumulate knowledge to continuously improve the service provided for long-term relation clients We also dedicate communication channels with higher availability and presence

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