To become the best and highest in revenue localization services provider in Middle East and Africa.


To bring a lot of clarity, sincerity and consistency along with high quality to the localization field in Middle East and Africa.


To provide our clients with well-differentiated localization services, differentiation that comes from clear and consistent communication, competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise quality.

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Client Relation

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Localization Engineering



Dubbing and Voice Over services

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Focus is one of our core values to differentiate our localization services from other providers in the Middle East and Africa. Thus our supported languages are shown below in the way it’s shown below to reflect the relation between:

  • Our expected level of quality
  • Our expected level of timeliness
  • The reliability & availability of the resources in this market generally


Our network of resources’ expertise is also focused and prioritized to reflect what our clients should expect from us in terms of quality, price and time.


Joining Locadifferent means a lot of things to us, we’ve built the company environment from its day one in an organic way that gives our employees to have the maximum contribution to our success and gain the maximum benefits based on this contribution. Feel free to ask about our Best-Role program in your first interview.

Long-term relation focus
We are always sincere to the client when it comes to advising them about solutions, services or projects' statuses ... and under all circumstances. We give a lot of attention to our on-going and long-term contracts. We encourage our new clients to build a longer relation with us

Quality is a collective responsibility
We're not a one stop shop, we do only what we can do with high quality. Quality is not only the responsibility of our quality teams. Quality starts from analyzing clients' requirements till knowing the level of their satisfaction

Business development is a collective responsibility
We -all- develop our business and we're always striving for growth. Managed growth is the best option, a growth that's optimized with our capacity and capability

Excellence in Communication
We utilize technology means to increase our responsiveness (target is 16 hours a day). We deliver clear messages to our clients, starting by what's wrong before what's right. Our teams are well-connected internally to deliver consistent messages to our clients. Can-do attitude is good but only in what we can do.

Human capital is our most precious asset ...
Personal growth of our employees is one of our highest priorities (ask about Best-Role program). Flexibility in time, location, communication means,... is a critical success factor. Fun is a cornerstone in our culture. Ability over experience.


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